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I love to teach. I've had students from 3 to 70 years old, and I enjoy every age. I teach cello in my private studio in McMinnville, Oregon.

My mission is to nurture the love of music and of the cello in my students. I am willing to train future professional cellists, but I'm just as happy teaching people to play well enough that music will enhance their lives.

I am passionate about teaching good body usage through Body Mapping, with the goal of playing music with freedom and ease, and without injury.

I have some training in the Suzuki method, including a workshop with Shinichi Suzuki himself in the 1960s. I use some elements of the Suzuki method in combination with music-reading, tailored to the strengths and inclinations of each individual student. I like to start children around 8 years old, but once in a while I can be convinced to take a younger one.

I usually give 45-minute lessons: $30.
Some young students do better with 30 minutes: $20.