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Body Mapping

We all have body maps in our brains. We formed these maps in infancy and childhood, and continue to refine them based on novel experience into adulthood and throughout life. Our body maps are maps of the structure, function, and size of our bodies and they govern all our moving.

If our maps are accurate and adequate, we move with freedom and ease. If they are inaccurate or inadequate, our movement is tense, awkward and uncoordinated.

The better our body maps, the better our cello playing, and the more fully we can express the music inside us. In my teaching I work with students to correct and improve their body maps, so that they can play better. I use the book, "What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body" by Barbara Conable.

Body Mapping for musicians was developed by Alexander Technique teachers William Conable, cellist, and, Barbara Conable, founder of Andover Educators.

I am certified by Andover Educators to teach the course, "What Every Cellist Needs to Know About the Body". I am available to teach workshops anywhere in North America.